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BetlyCoin is a decentralized Bookmaker platform
powered by Blockchain

Betlycoin is a platform that allows for a decentralized automated sports betting system for its users, and we offer the best odds and bonuses in the world. Also, we have reviewed and enlisted the best and safest betting sites in the sikre betting sider guide. In addition, you can also find a collection of the best bonuses on the market, as well as information and news about various sports.

At Betlycoin, we focus on creating a worldwide business with a worldwide user base with both online and local platforms for users, and also with an efficient user interface that allows the users to select best options and easily place their bets.

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Problem & Solution

Betlycoin was built to solve issues surrounding Bookmaker platforms, Sports betting, Bookmaker franchising, worldwide support for Sports betting and Bookmaker Funding.

No Globalization and Franchising Opportunities.

Most bookmakers and sports betting platforms do not support worldwide services, and they are not allowed to operate in some countries due to lack of Incorporation of their business in those countries.

They don't support worldwide transactions, they disallow franchising opportunities, they have no agents base, and they only have few agents in the country they are Incorporated.

Unnecessary User Taxing, High Fees Deduction, and Withdrawal Request Delay.

Due to the law problems and increased tax, bookmakers automatically take taxes on user's income and winnings. Many times, most of them take tax from users when they deposit or withdraw from their platform.

Most sports betting platforms charge users when they request for withdrawal payment, and the withdrawal process takes days, sometimes weeks.

Few Betting Options with Low Odds and No Support of Payment Systems.

Most bookmakers offer low-profiting betting odds, they often offer limited sports betting events with few options, and they only support sports events from popular leagues.

They have few or no support for worldwide payment systems and most of the bookmakers do not support cryptocurrencies in their platform.

Solution One

Globalization, Worldwide Betlycoin Agents, and Franchising Opportunities.

Betlycoin platform supports all countries that bookmaking and sports betting is not termed Illegal. We will be incorporated in several countries, therefore creating a sustainable business ground for anyone who wants to franchise with us.

Our offices will be located worldwide, and we will build a sustainable partnership with entrepreneurs that want to venture into bookmaking or sports gambling business by offering the best commission and equipment.

Solution Two

No User Taxing and Fees, Bonuses on Deposits, and Instant Withdrawals.

Our platform is tax-free, and we do not charge our users at any given time, instead, we pay users an extra bonus on their first deposit, and we have several promos that our users, agents, and partners will earn from.

Due to our multiple worldwide payment system support, Betlycoin platform users will have access to the instant payments, once they request for a withdrawal, they can easily deposit and withdraw from our platform to their local bank account.Due to our multiple worldwide payment system support, Betlycoin platform users will have access to instant payments once they request for a withdrawal. They can also easily deposit and withdraw from our platform to their local bank account.

Solution Three

Worldwide Support for Events, Payment Systems, and Unlimited Betting Options.

Betlycoin users will have access to all sports betting events in the world. We offer the highest betting odds on events and unlimited options for each sports event; our users won't worry about events, odds, and options.

We are offering several payments methods ranging from paypal, stripe, bitpay, square, cryptocurrencies and many more payment services, to help give our users the best experience when it comes to financial transactions within our platform.

Our Key Benefits

A Secured and Private Platform

A Decentralized Worldwide Business

A Flexible and easy to use Platform

A Revolutionizing Business

How Betlycoin works?


Visit our platform, complete account registration and verify your email, once verification was successful, a welcome message will be sent to you.

Fund your account.

Select any payment system of your choice from our multiple payment services available, follow the required steps of depositing requested by the service provider and successfully fund your account.

Select sports events, betting options and place your bets

Choose your desired sports events, you can accumulate several events, select your desired options from the list of the available sports options and place your bet.

Withdraw winnings

Once you have a winning, Betlycoin will send you a notification email.
You can choose to select from any of our payments services available when requesting for withdrawal, your request will be granted within minutes.

Tokens Details

Betlycoin tokens (BETLY) are decentralized ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain.
A total of 100 million BETLY will be emitted and no tokens will be issued after.
Unsold Public Tokens will be burnt, therefore reducing the total supply.

Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Decimal


Total Supply

100, 000, 000 BETLY

Soft Cap

10, 000, 000 BETLY

Hard Cap

47, 000, 000 BETLY

Contract Address

Token Address

Token Platform

Ethereum Blockchain


ERC-20 Compliant

Acceptable currencies


Presale will start in
Purchase TOKEN NOW

Sales Stages and Distribution

We will conduct two(2) stages of sales periods called, Presale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
The Presale stage has only one sale round, while ICO stage will consist of five sales rounds.

Presale Stage

A total of 2 million BETLY's only, will be issued out, with 25% bonus on successful purchases and it will last for 20 days. Funds raised will be used to promote Betlycoin, attract more users, and prepare the initial version of Betlycoin platform at its best before the full ICO.

  • Presale Round
  • Supply
    2, 000, 000
  • Price
    0.25 USD
  • Bonus
  • Timeline
    20 days

ICO Stage

Betlycoin will issue out 47,000,000 BETLY's only, during its ICO stage, it will consist of five sales rounds and will last for 50 days. Each new round will have a 0.50 USD price increment if any round target is met before the deadline, then the next ICO round will automatically start.

  • Round One
  • Supply : 8, 000, 000 BETLY
  • Price : 0.30 USD
  • Bonus : 10%
  • Timeline : 10 Days
  • Round Two
  • Supply : 10, 000, 000 BETLY
  • Price : 0.35 USD
  • Bonus : 10%
  • Timeline : 10 Days
  • Round Three
  • Supply : 10, 000, 000 BETLY
  • Price : 0.40 USD
  • Bonus : 10%
  • Timeline : 10 Days
  • Round Four
  • Supply : 10, 000, 000 BETLY
  • Price : 0.45 USD
  • Bonus : 10%
  • Timeline : 10 Days
  • Round Five
  • Supply : 7, 000, 000 BETLY
  • Price : 0.50 USD
  • Bonus : 10%
  • Timeline : 10 Days

Note * Exact dates, duration, and pricing on any of the stages of ICO and PRESALE may be changed in the interests of the company.

Token Distribution


Sale Proceed Allocation



Our roadmap involves different aspects, such as technology development, operational infrastructure installment, partnerships, and launching marketing initiatives, with help from our team, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

Unique Selling Proposition

At Betlycoin we offer better opportunities for our users, contributors, investors, and partners.

Below is the list of what we are proposing to our users, investors, partners, agents and third-party betting sites.

  • We provide transparency in the sports betting industry.
  • The best odds among all bookmakers.
  • We offer a decentralized global bookmaker and sports betting platform business.
  • No more fees and Unnecessary charges.
  • A secure platform and currency.
  • A scalable, low-cost sports betting platform solution.
  • Unlimited amount of options to help our users make more profits.
  • We offer worldwide local offices and partnership.
  • We offer a worldwide support system.
  • The first worldwide sports betting platform that accepts franchising.
  • The best sports betting platform for agents, investors, and users.
  • A focused blockchain powered sports betting business.
  • A currency that will revolutionize sports betting.
  • A quarterly share of 20% gross profit from sports betting business to all holders.

Our Team Team

Betlycoin team consists of extensive experts in several industries. We are skilled with business development, software engineering skills, international support, sports betting, real estate and many more.

For more information contact us via : [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]

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Do you think that you have what it takes to become part of this revolutionary business?

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Exchange Listing

We will be listed on major exchanges during ICO and after ICO, below are some of the exchanges.

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